New Ocean Plastic Chair

New Ocean Plastic Chair

Polywood is looking to the seas to source recyclable plastics for the launch of its new Ocean chair.

A part of a larger collection, called Wave, the Ocean chair will debut at the Design Influencers Conference in San Francisco and mark the start of the company’s commitment to recycling one million pounds of ocean-bound plastic into its furniture line by 2021.

“Today over eight million metric tons of plastics are pouring into our oceans through rivers and streams,” says Brady Maller, vice president of strategy and sales. “With the launch of the Wave collection, consumers are able to make a direct impact with their purchases of high quality, classically styled outdoor furniture that will look beautiful for generations.”

Polywood’s other products are already made in the U.S. in a 99% waste-free facility from ocean-bound and landfill-bound plastic, but the company says this collection offers consumers the change to make a more direct environmental impact.

“In 2019 alone, Polywood recycled the equivalent of 146 million milk jugs at the in-house recycling facility we built in Syracuse, Ind.,” says Doug Rassi, co-founder and CEO of Polywood. “Although our products are fully produced in the U.S., we as a company have always had our sights set on making a positive impact globally. The Wave collection enables consumers to help us make that difference on a very large scale.”

According to a release from Polywood, each Ocean chair will utilize 1,000 reclaimed plastic containers sourced from around the world with the help of partners like Plastic Bank.

The Ocean chair and the larger Wave collection will be available in 11 colorways. The collection is made up of a curated series of four Adirondack chairs that, through a design on each chair’s back, create a cresting wave when arranged together.

To kick off the launch of the collection, Polywood launched a Kickstarter campaign on March 1 to “raise awareness of the ocean-bound plastic problem,” according to a release, and give consumers an incentive to purchase the new chairs at a discount.

On its first day, the Kickstarter raised over $25,000 in pledges.

The collection’s Kickstarter campaign will close on March 28. After that, chairs will be available for purchase through Polywood’s website and other retailers.



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Polywood makes waves with new ocean plastic chair


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