Biological Origin Examination and Biodegradability Process

Biological Origin Examination and Biodegradability Process

Criteria for Validation: BIOFASE’S products described above comply with the international specifications established by the “American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)”, in the ASTM D6866-12 Designation (Standard Test Methods for Determining the Biobased Content of Solid, Liquid, and Gaseous Samples Using Radiocarbon Analysis).  This document certifies that the products manufactured by BIOFASE described above contains at least 70% of a thermoplastic biopolymer derived from avocado-seed that are biodegradable, enabling our customers to market the products with the title ‘biobased”, and when applicable, “biodegradable”.


Chemical Composition of the products:  70% Biopolymers extracted from avocado-seed.  30% synthetic organic compounds (synthetic polymers, coupling agents, pigments, and other additives).


Biological Origin and Biodegradability Examination:  BIOFASE’s Biobased Cutlery and Drinking Straws are made from Avocado Seed Biopolymers and other biodegradable components that undergo a two-step degradation process.  First, the moisture and heat in the end-of-life pile attack the biopolymer chains derived from the avocado seed and split them apart, creating smaller polymers.  Microorganisms and/or soil consume the smaller polymer fragment.  The biopolymers that constitute the cutlery and Drinking Straws manufactured by BIOFASE can be metabolized by a large number of microorganisms.  The end result of this biological process is carbon dioxide, water, and soil nutrients.  No toxic by-products are produced during this process.  Those components that are present in the Bio-based Cutlery and Drinking Straws manufactured by BIOFASE that are not derived from the avocado seed (=40%) will degrade in larger time frame.  The process is also humidity and temperature dependent.  The biological content of BIOFASE’s Cutlery and Drinking Straws comply with the ASTM D6866-12 International Standard.


Biodegradation Time Frame: By following the environment stated on the ASTM D6866-12 International Standard, BIOFASE’s Cutlery and Drinking Straws will decompose biologically in approximately 240 days, but it is dependent on the end-of-life environmental conditions such as heat, moisture, and microorganisms.  The speed of biodegradation reported in the results of the third party examination is 24.6% biodegradation in 85 days.  The third-party examination was done in SOIL at 20 degrees Celsius and at a regulated humidity.  Given that BIOFASE’s products contain 60% of avocado seed biopolymers (known as biobased content) the speed of biodegradation of the biobased content according to these results is approximately 240 days.


Biodegradability Examination:  According to the results of the test made by a third party laboratory, BIOFASE’s products can be biodegradable in SOIL or LANDFILL at normal environmental conditions, but speed and rate of biodegradation depends of the enviornmental conditions.   BIOFASE’s products do not require to be treated previously to start the biodegradation process, in comparison to PLA or other compostable products that require to be heated to 105-180 Farenheight to compost and biodegrade.


Conclusions of the examination:  BIOFASE’s products mentioned above comply with the international standard for bio-based content.  Distributors and users of these products can label and market BIOFASE’s Cutlery and Drinking Straws as “bio-based” and when applicable “Biodegradable”.