New Packaging Degrades in 4 weeks

New Packaging Degrades in 4 weeks

"Our stand in Berlin was a success and our Progetto 2020 insulating range with zero impact aimed at environmental sustainability (called Biopop) dominated the scene," reports Alessandro Scurria, administrator of Scf Packaging.

 “We are pleased to announce we are the first company to produce low-thickness packaging solutions that are 100% compostable.” –

Product properties

Biopop is similar to EPS, but it boasts exceptional energy absorption and an excellent resistance even in case of multiple impact loads.

The high biobased content and certified compostability make Biopop particularly suitable in cases where fossil single-use solutions no longer meet client requirements for biodegradable products.

The solution is aimed at companies working with organic produce and retail chains wishing to make disposable packaging eco-friendly.

Biopop is the first certified biobased and compostable closed-cell expanded material.

Authentic sustainability

“Biopop entirely meets the directives indicated by the EU’s Green Deal. We are talking about the new frontier, strongly wanted by the EU, concerning environmental sustainability. Our project is not only innovative from an ecological point of view, but it also guarantees a longer shelf-life diminishing waste and deterioration.”

“The material is shock-absorbent and entirely compostable as it biodegrades in 4 weeks. Many buyers from the big retails chain showed a great interest during the fair.”

It is therefore a valid innovative and eco-friendly alternative to store fresh products. Biopop is an SCF solution available in a variety of options for companies looking for organic packaging.

“The event was the perfect occasion to showcase our EPS packaging as well, which was appreciated by many visitors. Its mechanical resistance and flexibility and the fact it extends shelf-life make it a leading solution on the global market.To fully understand the great versatility of this solution, just think about the products that need to be moistened before they are packaged.”

Trays can be disposed of with organic waste

“Our company divides the two packaging solutions. The former includes EPS multi-purpose options that can be repurchased and used for other products.

The second (Biopop) is the future of disposable options as punnets, trays and containers of all kinds can be disposed of with organic waste.”



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New packaging solution that degrades in 4 weeks

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