Shoe Soles Made from Oyster Shells

Shoe Soles Made from Oyster Shells

Solandy West has launched a surprising innovation. The sole is 3D designed and made with oyster shell dust.


An original and efficient innovation

The company found that the oyster shells had interesting characteristics, especially for running shoes.

Indeed, Éric Mariotto, its founder, explained the following: “ Running is a demanding activity, and whatever the level the feet are subjected to severe tests. Completely adapted to the runner’s plantar morphology, our soles provide additional support which provides more comfort and pleasure during practice. ”

It was a question of finding a solution to improve the performance of the runners, and to avoid injuries linked to the soles.

These are not corrective soles, but they bring unparalleled well-being to high performance athletes.

Technical soles

You should know that these soles are made to measure, since a scanner of the client’s foot is performed upstream.

Then, it is a 3D printer which realizes the sole in oyster shells.

Everything is computerized, and the order management is very fast.

This innovation is supported by Initiative Pays de Lorient as well as by the French Tech Grant.

The material is therefore entirely made with oyster shells, and brings surprising benefits.

It is also eco-responsible, which is extremely important for small businesses.

Obviously, the company hopes to become a reference in this area, and the adventure seems to be going well.

The athletes who tested these soles have given a very positive feedback. Well done !

What to do after use? The following is written on their website:

What should I do with my soles after they are worn out?

The filament formula with which the soles are made includes recycled oyster shell powder, which makes the soles biodegradable.

You can therefore help reduce their environmental footprint by putting it in the garbage bin for food waste.

In this case, remember to remove the coating from the sole first, which is not recyclable.




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