Agave Straws Black (wrapped)
Agave Straws Black (wrapped)
Agave Straws Black (wrapped)
Agave Straws Black (wrapped)

Agave Straws Black (wrapped)

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***Individually Wrapped In Paper Wrapping***

Our bio-based agave product line is USDA certified, FDA approved, as well as certified to degrade due to organic enhanced degradation additives. The additive's functionality is guaranteed to work, accelerating the products degradation. All agave based products are certified to degrade within 1-5 years in aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

The degradation functionality has been tested according to ASTM D5511 (representing biologically active landfills) with trial durations ranging from 1 to 12 months. Biologically active landfills may not be available in all areas.

Why choose us?
Delivery without delay

We provide overnight delivery nationwide, enabled by three warehouses across the USA.

Packaging with principles

We design our range of plant-based food packaging to use resources sustainably and responsibly, giving environmental, social and economic concerns equal consideration.

Cutlery made From Plants

Our products made from fully renewable and sustainable sources, 70% biomass content. They have extra strength and durability. They are excellent for both hot and cold food. There is no bending or loss properties compared to traditional straws.

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